Rapid DICOM Router

Remarkably Simple Image Routing

Unifier web-based architecture creates a ‘virtual’ distributed radiology enterprise between various medical facilities, allowing patients to have reliable and immediate access to diagnosticians and treatment expertise across the enterprise regardless of their physical location. With an attractive price point, minimal configuration and fast implementation, our Rapid DICOM router can solve the interoperability challenges facing healthcare providers of any size.

Share images quickly and securely


Rapid DICOM router is a smaller version of DCMSYS DICOM and HL7 router, it requires minimal configuration and is easy to implement. Like our main DICOM router, Rapid DICOM enables medical facilities to share images quickly and securely solving the interoperability challenge many Healthcare Providers face today.

The device requires minimal configuration, does not need an external IP and has built-in support functionality making it and ideal solution for healthcare facilities of any size. Rapid DICOM router fully supports DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption, so all studies are sent securely for HIPAA compliance. It guarantees to encrypt all outgoing traffic and utilize the latest technology enhancement of standard protocols such as SNMP and DICOM.

Rapid DICOM router is designed as a horizontal scalable solution where multiple units create the DICOM Q/R Application Cluster manager via SNMP v.3 protocol. The device is offered at a very attractive price point, can be set up in a matter of minutes and enables facilities to share images quickly and securely.




  • Interoperability between PACS, HIS/RIS and any DICOM-enabled devices
  • Studies can be sent via secure DICOM SSL/TLS encryption. No VPN is required.
  • HIPAA compliance JPEG 2000 compression and JPEG-LS compression
  • Route by any DICOM tag, standard or private
  • Status dashboard available
  • Advanced customizable DICOM routing redundant failover destination setup
  • Import and export routing tables
  • Designed to work with any DICOM-compatible viewer
  • Incomplete study delivery check to insure full study transfer
  • Easy-to-use configuration web GUI and setup wizard
  • Remote Management (SNMP) and web GUI
  • Secure Remote support capability
  • Advanced logging functionality
  • SNMP based monitoring capability and API to any SNMP based monitoring solutions
  • User/Group Management
  • Certificate management , import/export including PKI certificate support
  • Built-in firewall

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