Visit Dicom Systems RSNA Booth 7903, North Hall B

Dicom Systems will be exhibiting at 2017 RSNA Annual Meeting to showcase our new cloud partner and expanded Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier platform capabilities:

  • Universal Cloud Archive Adapter — This versatile VNA adaptor launches Unifier appliances in any cloud of your choice, stores in DICOM or DICOMweb and provides you immediate access to your data and image viewing.
  • Unifier AI Enabler (Beta preview) — Adapt your environment for AI capabilities using the computing power and machine learning programs of the fastest growing cloud business. Featuring a new labeling function that allows teams to intuitively annotate medical images to build, train, and iterate on neural network algorithms. This function allows you to build future medical AI tools all in a cloud-based environment.
  • New Unifier Certification Program —Certification empowers you to expertly navigate the Unifier platform and take your organization to a higher level of enterprise imaging performance. Created and offered by Dicom Systems directly.

All RSNA attendees are encouraged to visit the Dicom Systems booth for a live demo. Please complete our demo request form on the right. See you in Chicago!

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