From organic knowledge-sharing and collaboration between our customers and our engineers can blossom extraordinary and elegant imaging workflow solutions.  How we share this knowledge is by routinely publishing case studies, blog content and whitepapers that are often co-authored by IT leaders among our customers.

We encourage you to visit our Blog and this Resources page often, to stay in touch with the latest and greatest use cases and advances in Unifier deployments.  We also encourage you to contact us with questions or ideas you may have about new use cases, but aren’t sure how to implement your ideas.  Would you like to publish some of your experiences and co-author an article with Dicom Systems?

Dicom Systems customers have historically shown real ingenuity when it comes to thinking up new use cases, or solving new types of workflow-related challenges.  In many cases, the Unifier platform is being used in ways our own engineers and product managers had not anticipated. We often hear input such as “we didn’t know what we didn’t know about Unifier capabilities!…”  Sometimes it takes solving one kind of problem to uncover other, unimagined possibilities.

Of course this kind of proficiency with our Enterprise Imaging toolset doesn’t happen overnight; however, once provider organizations have accumulated enough experience with the Unifier, they come to realize there really are no limits to what could be accomplished leveraging the platform.

The creation of augmented intelligent routing rules leveraging LUA scripting typically originates within Dicom Systems, when our engineers create new scripts based on customer requirements.  Once we deliver the custom scripts and train customer IT staff on maintaining them, they often become the guardians of their own scripts; some customers have even created their own scripts using the Unifier, without input from Dicom Systems!