Industry Standards that should theoretically enable smooth imaging workflows often require substantial customization and endless fine-tuning to deliver the promised result. The Dicom Systems Unifier Platform is the glue that keeps many imaging enterprises humming along, letting healthcare providers solve the majority of interoperability challenges along the patient care continuum. Our highly flexible solutions arm your IT professionals with powerful and affordable interoperability tools to unify and harmonize communications within and outside your Enterprise. Whenever your legacy Imaging vendor says “it can’t be done,” we usually say “yes, we can do that.”

Workflow Unifier

Simplifies Radiology workflows across disparate healthcare enterprises

Facilitates the connection of information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/Scripting toolkit that can be administered remotely

Interface WebBridge 

Improves accessibility of patient data

Allows any native or web-based third party application to upload any non-standard data (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, TXT) to Workflow Unifier and Unifier Archive


Makes any interface FHIR-ready and DICOMweb-enabled

Extends the useful life of your current systems by bringing them up to the latest interoperability standards

DICOM Image Generator

Lets you generate DICOM images to test your PACS systems or any other DICOM friendly devices

This free tool to test your DICOM device for throughput bandwidth, functional specs and verify vendor DICOM conformance statement

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