Dicom Systems integration solutions


Most imaging IT vendors would like you to believe that integration is a complex, esoteric discipline requiring cost-prohibitive fees to accomplish.  The reason they would like you to believe this, especially if their allegiance is to Wall Street, is simply to maintain close control of their own environment and postpone their eventual, inevitable replacement or obsolescence.

Dicom Systems is here to dispel the myth that integration is either esoteric, or expensive.  Our allegiance is to our customers, not earnings-per-share.  Our natively vendor-neutral approach to DICOM, HL7 and FHIR integration means that we have no other agenda than making sure your Enterprise Imaging IT ecosystem is cohesively and affordably integrated.

We aren’t here to sell you a new PACS, and we aren’t here to sell you new modalities.  Our reason for being, our core mission is interoperability, period.

Some of our integration solutions include:


IHE Gateway

DCMSYS IHE Gateway helps integrate your current DICOM and HL7 devices to use IHE profiles


Interface WebBridge

Improves accessibility of patient data. Allows any native or web-based third party application to upload any non-standard data (JPEG, TIFF, PDF, TXT) to Workflow Unifier and Unifier Archive.



Makes any interface FHIR-ready and DICOMweb-enabled. Extends the useful life of your current systems by bringing them up to the latest interoperability standards.