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DICOM Transformations

DICOM Transformations as an Essential VNA Component


DICOM transformation is the process of retrieving stored images, studies, or data so that the DICOM transformation process is performed effortlessly. DICOM transformation, otherwise known as tag morphing, has emerged as one part of the solution to the ongoing challenges presented by the storage and accessibility of data and images.


Today, many healthcare enterprises are facing the same DICOM transformations challenges faced over 20 years ago. Then as now, it was simply a matter of acquiring image data from varying modalities sourced from different vendors and creating efficient processing to ensure the smoothest and most efficient workflow.


Over time, DICOM transformations and their implementation have become more consistent, however, the problem is compounded by the increased number of vendors involved in the process. As more responsibility is placed on adherence to DICOM transformations and as their usage evolves in ways that were unforeseen at the outset of DICOM application, healthcare enterprises will continue to seek solutions that, among other factors, improve tag morphing capabilities.


While protocols change and archiving systems continue to  advance, it can be expensive, difficult, and frustrating to maintain the quality of service required to achieve system stability. Dicom Systems current standard DICOM transformations support greater adherence to the attributes that provide seamless functionality.


Whether tag morphing is performed statically or dynamically, the reliability of the resource applications is essential to success.


Dicom Systems understands the complexity of the DICOM transformation process. That’s why we have created a line of products designed to help take the guesswork out of your systems upgrades. DICOM transformations then become effortless, regardless of the number of users, the number of locations, or the disparate systems with which the system may have to contend.


Tag morphing is required to help minimize the need for archived data migration and maximize the usability of relevant stored data in your DICOM archive. Dicom Systems has solutions that facilitate this process and can help create an effortless and efficient archive storage and retrieval environment.


Dicom Systems has Proven Data Transformation Solutions


Dicom Systems is a Health IT company that offers a broad range of Enterprise Imaging Solutions and teleradiology workflow enablers, ranging from simple smart routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, all the way to enterprise-class vendor neutral archiving. These products can help you achieve greater productivity and profitability providing proven solutions without the expense of systems overhauls.


Our flagship product, the Workflow Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class Enterprise Imaging Workflow Engine that facilitates imaging workflow automation and ensures that caregivers have the most reliable and immediate access to patient data across the Enterprise.


Dicom Systems Enterprise Imaging Unifier was created to achieve compatibility and improve workflow between various healthcare providers. Dicom Systems seamlessly integrates with your existing RIS, HIS, PACS and their related information systems ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication across your networks.


For more information on how Dicom Systems can benefit your enterprise, call (415) 684-8790 or click here to reach us online.