Navigating the maze of features offered by Health IT vendors can be a daunting task, wading through countless acronyms and proprietary product names that have little meaning to Providers.  Dicom Systems’ features are all delivered via one cohesive platform: the Unifier.

Harnessing the Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier’s powerful features, your clinical and IT staff are empowered to regain control of the Enterprise Imaging IT ecosystem.


  • Enable new sophisticated intramural and extra-mural imaging workflows with the Unifier’s versatile DICOM and HL7 routing modules
  • Declare your PACS independence by deploying our natively Vendor-Neutral Unifier Archive
  • Create powerful custom workflows to enhance your routing capabilities with our fully-integrated LUA scripting framework
  • Create new revenue streams by turning your Radiology group into a virtual Teleradiology team for any Provider, without deploying new Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Unify and streamline your DICOM Modality Work Lists across multiple organizations using the Unifier Enterprise DMWL platform
  • Leverage the Unifier’s built-in FHIR broker to build bridges between your legacy solutions and next generation Health IT solutions.
  • Some of our other features include:
    • Flexible tag-morphing
    • RIS/PACS data migration toolset
    • Proxy for DICOM Query/Retrieve (Q/R)
    • Proxy for DMWL
    • Connect to any Enterprise Image Viewer via RESTful API
    • Reversible and irreversible anonymization of DICOM tags, as well as pixel-level image anonymization
    • Encryption
    • Versatile adaptation of Transfer Syntax (compression)
    • Dicomize non-DICOM objects
    • Pre-fetch and post-fetch relevant priors
    • Integrate visible light imaging into your DICOM archive for wound care and Dermatology
    • Integrate mobile image capture devices to include documents, with OCR capability
    • Upload and share your images using Dicom Systems’ integration with Box.com