DCMSYS Workflow Unifier

Workflow Unifier 

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Integration Engine for Enterprise Imaging

The Workflow Unifier is an Enterprise Imaging workflow engine that acts as a buffer layer between your PACS, RIS or EMR and remote PACS or other radiology devices to help transform and manipulate DICOM tags or HL7 fields that have “quirks” on the fly. The Workflow Unifier is a powerful integration engine that is much like a Swiss army knife for Enterprise Imaging, leveraging RESTful Web services to enable communications between various health IT platforms.

Workflow Unifier appliance simplifies radiology workflows across disparate healthcare enterprises. DCMSYS’ web-based architecture creates a virtual distributed radiology enterprise between various medical facilities and ensures that patients have reliable and immediate access to diagnosticians and treatment expertise across the Enterprise regardless of their physical location. Our unique proxy solution provides a seamless, secure way to communicate with any DICOM and HL7-conformant device.

Medical Imaging Workflow Unifier is a highly configurable Linux-based DICOM router that supports DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption. It utilizes the latest technology, to enhance standard protocols, such as SNMP, DICOM and HL7. It’s designed as a horizontally scalable solution where multiple units create the DICOM Q/R Application cluster, managed via SNMPv3 protocol. It uses a set of custom algorithms to pull relevant priors across multiple medical and diagnostic facilities. This unique device provides Enterprise-level connectivity for remote sites, and its remote support feature makes every DICOM and HL7-conformant appliance easy to maintain. The Workflow Unifier is guaranteed to encrypt all outgoing traffic and provide a robust enterprise-class solution for your DICOM Network.

Workflow Unifier Functionality For Enterprise Imaging Solutions

The Workflow Unifier ensures interoperability between heterogeneous Medical Information systems and any DICOM or HL7 enabled devices and is designed to work with any DICOM-conformant viewer. When it comes to Enterprise Imaging, the Workflow Unifier features:

  • Advanced customizable HL7 & DICOM routing with OR/AND logical functionality
  • Route by any standard or private DICOM tag, route by date, time, and ability to cache data for later delivery
  • Route using any HL7 field or a group of fields as routing triggers
  • Custom TCP and all industry standard compression such as (JPEG-LS, JPEG2000 and others) for fast study exchange
  • Modality Worklist DICOM & HL7 broker, and Interface Engine
  • DICOM and HL7 message transformation/ morphing and Radiology HL7 interface engine for integration with multiple PACS and imaging vendors
  • DICOM PACS proxy
  • TLS encryption for secure transmission of DICOM and HL7 traffic for HIPAA compliance
  • Powerful enterprise-wide configuration management
  • Powerful logging & auditing for HIPAA User-friendly WebGUI configuration tools & setup wizard
  • Advanced custom algorithm to pull relevant priors across multiple, different IDNS
  • Backup enterprise-wide configurations and settings SNMP-based monitoring & remote management API to any SNMP-based monitoring and report system
  • Designed to work with any DICOM-conformant viewer
  • Incomplete study delivery check to ensure full study transfer import and export routing tables DICOM
  • Modification and QC workstation capability

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