Unifier Archive 

Ultimate Vendor Neutral Archiving Solution


Unifier Archive, incorporated as part of the DCMSYS ecosystem, is an ideal archiving solution for any medical facility, regardless of size. This natively Vendor Neutral Archive can be used in conjunction with other DCMSYS modules to match your workflow objectives and to ensure a remarkably efficient Enterprise Imaging environment. DCMSYS Unifier Archive lets you create a private or hybrid cloud and take ownership of your data.

Unifier Archive (VNA) makes the most effective use of Provider’s Enterprise Infrastructure

Dicom Systems Vendor Neutral Archive offers a scalable architecture and flexible storage options. It can help you consolidate disparate or fragmented imaging systems into one repository, while providing enterprise-wide access to all medical images and other medical records. Unifier Archive ensures ease of use for medical professionals and IT technicians and, most importantly, the best outcomes for patients.

Both Unifier Archive and Cloud Archive are FHIR enabled to expand capability and longevity of client’s current PACS without the need to replace them.

VNA Features and Benefits

  • Full virtualization support and integration with major cloud solution providers
  • Standard archive functionality – DICOM Support for standard archive functions is built-in: Store SCP, Query/Retrieve SCP, Storage Commitment SCP, and Verification SCP/SCU
  • JPEG2000 compression and JPEG-LS compression
  • Teleradiology DICOM and HL7 Interface Engine functionality
  • Transfer syntax handling – Configurable transfer syntax support allows databases to be converted to and stored in any specified transfer syntax
  • DICOM and HL7 pre/post filtering, morphing and routing – Powerful rule-based DICOM tag morphing and routing. Virtual Archive Data storages capability gives you a flexible, low-cost alternative
  • Virtual Archive Data storages capability gives you a flexible, low-cost alternative
  • Self recoverable database architecture with DICOM engine for image archiving and management
  • SNMPv3 management module with more statistics and monitoring
  • 100% web-based solution
  • TLS connection support
  • Easy HIPAA compliant logging and monitoring of all DICOM transactions in a user-friendly format

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