Pulling Relevant Priors

Pulling Relevant Priors

The DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Unifier network appliance is a best-in-class device that facilitates the connection of information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/Scripting toolkit that can be administered remotely using a standard web browser. Studies, reports, orders, or any other patient data anywhere in the Enterprise are pulled and pushed automatically based upon a set of user-defined criteria. The Unifier appliance then communicates between the various vendor RIS/HIS/EMR/HER/PACS to retrieve and send the studies.


Prefetch from Dicom Systems enables radiologists to have both relevant priors and current studies routed to their workstations

Each doctor can set several individual parameters like date range, modality and body part. Once a new order is assigned to a radiologist, either manually or by the Prefetch Assignment Engine, that doctor’s ‘Priors’ Preferences’ are used to create a Query/Retrieve message.

The process makes quality care efficient:

  1. Prefetch uses Doctor’s preferences and issues Query/Retrieve message to DCMSYS
  2. DCMSYS gets studies from multiple remote PACS and complies the list of necessary studies
  3. DCMSYS forwards studies to the central PACS
  4. Doctor can open prior studies along with any prior reports at the time the new study arrives

This option, coupled with Prefetch’s ability to combine persons from multiple facilities under one Enterprise Patient ID, enables superior care. Physicians are now able to see all prior image sets/reports, regardless of how many sites the patient has been imaged. Utilizing DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption & DCMSYS’ router compression algorithms significantly improve delivery time.

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