DICOM Modality Worklist

Enterprise DICOM Modality Worklist – Automate the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to any number of modalities


An essential component in a PACS environment

Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and EMR/EHR solutions provide a master index of patient demographics and exam scheduling information.

Without DICOM MWL, modalities must take patient healthcare information (PHI) and manually enter the PHI into the modality, introducing human error and increasing unnecessary manual labor.

DCMSYS’ Enerprise MWL automates the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to unlimited modalities and also aggregates obsolete, non-scalable MWL’s across the enterprise, turning any exam-scheduling database into an enterprise-grade DICOM MWL server.



  • Modality DICOM Proxy to aggregate multiple disparate MWLs.
  • Receives HL7 messages and adapts to other protocols and formats
  • Automatically transfers patient identifiers, created by the existing information systems to your network as DICOM worklists
  • TLS encryption for remote location MWL support. Does not require a VPN
  • Secure multiple remote access, web-based user interface
  • CFIND-WORKLIST DICOM tag manipulation for outdated modalities (optional).
  • Incoming and Outgoing Modality worklist DICOM tag modification ability (optional)
  • Advanced logging capability and MWL debug tools
  • Returns study statuses (converted from DICOM to HL7) to information systems and enables patient identifier in accordance with IHE (optional)
  • High availability with automated failover feature (optional)
  • Includes a powerful Web-based administration and remote technical support built-in functionality

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