Enterprise Imaging

To each of our customers, “Enterprise Imaging” has different meaning. To a clinician, Enterprise Imaging means the ability to serve multiple imaging service lines within one platform. To IT professionals, Enterprise Imaging means “the Imaging portion of the IT Enterprise,” focusing on hardware and software serving imaging (PACS, RIS, VNA, modalities). Dicom Systems transcends these definitions to equally serve all constituents delivering care, no matter their perspective on “Enterprise.” Regardless of your clinical or IT environment, we will create a solution to fit your specific requirements, and deliver a 100% unified workflow.

Three Ways Enterprise Imaging Solutions Are Improving Healthcare

Health care is advancing at a rapid pace, yet the lack of integration between health care providers can lead to fragmentation of a patient’s experience. Despite the instant connectivity we take for granted in our daily lives, it is still not uncommon for the CT scan to be messengered over from one hospital to another, only to find that the second hospital’s system can’t read the file due to a difference in standards. This lack of integration can result in medical errors and diagnostic redundancies, leading to dire human and financial consequences. To address this issue, Dicom systems, a leading Silicon Valley-based health IT company, offers a variety of comprehensive tools for Enterprise Imaging Integration:

  1. Dicom’s Workflow Unifier, simplifies radiology workflows across disparate healthcare enterprises
  2. DICOM and HL7 Router, is a Linux-based router that provides Enterprise-level connectivity for remote sites
  3. DICOM Modality Worklist, automates the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to any number of modalities.

A free demo and free Dicom software download are available for health care IT professionals looking to achieve greater integration or efficiencies in their organizations’ systems. To find out more about Dicom’s Enterprise Imaging Solutions, contact the company at sales@dcmsys.com or call 415.684.8790

Workflow Unifier

Simplifies Radiology workflows across disparate healthcare enterprises

Facilitates the connection of information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/Scripting toolkit that can be administered remotely

DICOM and HL7 Router

Linux-based router. Provides Enterprise level connectivity for remote sites

Highly configurable; supports DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption, guaranteed to encrypt all outgoing traffic

DICOM Modality Worklist

Automates the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to any number of modalities

Aggregates non-scalable MWLs across the enterprise, turning any exam-scheduling database into an enterprise-grade DICOM Modalty Worklist server

Pulling Relevant Priors

Enables radiologists to have both relevant priors and current studies routed to their workstations

Prefetch allows physicians to set several individual parameters, such as date range, modality and body part to pull relevant prior studies

Unifier Archive (VNA)

Vendor Neutral Archive that offers a scalable architecture and flexible storage options

Helps users consolidate disparate imaging systems into one repository, provides enterprise-wide access to medical records and images

Unifier Cloud Archive

On-demand, cloud based storage that runs on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Easy to implement, obligation free, compliments any onsite PACS vendor archive infrastructure, can be used by facilities of any size


Proprietary, data tagging technology, which allows healthcare enterprises to have full control of over security of their patient data

Protects privacy of the patients by removing all personal identifiers so that only the owners of the original data can re-identify the patient