Google Cloud Technology Partner

Dicom Systems on Google Cloud Platform

The Universal Cloud Archive Adaptor and Workflow Unifier are available on Google Cloud Platform. The collaboration with Google Cloud aims to improves enterprise imaging performance and scalability while making cloud adoption simple and secure for healthcare organizations.

  • Simple end-to-end licenses – No migration cost, quick deployment and no termination fees
  • Secure and Compliant – Advanced PHI de-identification of DICOM metadata and pixels for research purposes. Images and data backed by Google’s rigorous privacy and compliance standards including HIPAA and EU Data Protection Directive.
  • Vendor Neutral – Seamlessly integrates with any PACS, RIS, and EMR system
  • Run on a carbon neutral infrastructure – Google Cloud operations and data centers run on 100% renewable energy
  • Cuts the traditional VNA cost in half – Pay only for what you use pricing providing up 60% cost savings over other cloud providers

Receive an instant $300 credit to test drive on Google Launcher