About Us

Dicom Systems offers solutions which enable clinics to acquire, exchange, modify and archive medical images, diagnostic reports and related patient data. We understand that different clients are presented with different challenges. Whether you are a full service hospital, Imaging Center, Outpatient Clinic, Teleradiology service provider, or a small Radiology Practice, we will address your unique interoperability issues, simplify and improve your existing workflow.

Enterprise Imaging, Unified

DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Unifier was created to achieve compatibility and improve workflow between various healthcare providers. DCMSYS seamlessly integrates with your existing RIS, HIS, PACS and their related information systems ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication across your networks.

For hospitals that implement a complete PACS solution, or individual modules, our DICOM router, DCMSYS, will integrate into your existing system. Multiple DCMSYS devices in the network have the capability to learn about each other and to create a DCMSYS cluster with built in failover algorithm.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Over the past 15 years I have seen promises of DICOM routing tools and appliances come and go. Unlike other routing tools out there Dicom Systems appliance does what it says it does, period. When we were looking for a routing appliance we wanted a product that would not box us in. DCMSYS grows with us. It’s simply the best DICOM router appliance I have used. One  DCMSYS router handles the volume and traffic that three other DICOM routers did for us  in the past. We have placed over a dozen of the Rapid DICOM router appliances at our client’s Facilities. Utilizing DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption reduces implementation time and DCMSYS router compressions algorithm significantly improves image delivery turn-around  time.”

Richard Sinsel, Director of IT, ONRAD, Inc.


“We were taking on some additional work and needed a comprehensive DICOM solution that included HL7 functionality. We have used different DICOM products in the past, but they were not always easy to configure or use and lacked value for what they delivered. In implementing the DCMSYS router from Dicom Systems we have one solution that meets all of our needs.

The DCMSYS DICOM and HL7 router has a combination of features that truly deliver value. We like the flexibility of the device and the fact that Dicom Systems does not hold any features back from the customer. Running on an open platform, it is stable, rock solid and robust. It can comfortably handle the terabytes of data we have thrown at it. We have had the router in production for over a year and the uptime has been phenomenal, easily achieving 99.999% of uptime.

Overall, we really like the open platform, flexibility, and reliability of the device and the willingness of Dicom Systems’ staff to go the extra mile for their customers. The response time for support calls (the few we have made) is excellent.”

David Marichal, CTO, Radiology and Imaging Specialists


”We have been working with Dicom Systems for over a year now. Their DCMSYS DICOM and HL7 router has significantly improved our workflow and became a very important part of our business. Here are some of the features that we find especially helpful:
The ability to actually see what DICOM studies are coming into our system.
Statistical information for study transmissions times. Helps with confirming or denying sites complaints about slow transmissions.
DICOM routing. Allows us to take down our primary PACS and still allow studies to seamlessly flow to our secondary PACS.
Easy and timely updates. We appreciate the fact that the product is growing and improving and that the upgrades to get new features are relatively easy and not prone to causing new  problems.
DICOM transformations. This is probably the most important component for us. We use this for cleaning up inconsistent data coming from the sites and to move data from one field to another.”
Keith Parker, Senior System Analyst, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants