Unifier Archive (Vendor Neutral Archive)

Whats in a VNA Vendor? Everything.

As medical imaging continues to grow, relevant technology grows as well, but not all Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) vendors or systems are the same. The selection of the right VNA vendor is one of the most important choices in your entire enterprise.

That’s because so much relies on the VNA process. When it is functioning as promised, it is the beginning, middle, and end of the productivity that you need to stay relevant with your referrers and patients. When it is not working, it touches every aspect of your business.

If you’re like most medical imaging enterprises, you value:

  • Reliable internal image sharing
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Cost-effective image storage and transmission
  • Dependable support

An efficient, dependable VNA vendor will allow you to standardize data and images from various resources into a single destination, and enable you to access that information from any station, anywhere in the world.

The vendor will provide a process that enables you to integrate new imaging applications from new sources without disrupting what is often a sensitive system.

Dicom Systems’ ArcStore is the VNA Solution You Need

Dicom System’s ArcStore is a cost-effective, VNA solution that not only solves your archiving challenges, it provides you with the support you need to maintain the workflow that is crucial to your daily operations.

Through ArcStore, images and data are received and translated into a standardized format that can then be transferred to or accessed by your referring physicians, your radiologists, your RIS, or to any radiology workstation, regardless of it physical location.

This is accomplished through a proven system trusted by medical imaging enterprises across the country.

With ArcStore, you also get unparalleled support, which can be the most important factor in your decision. When you need technical support, you get the experience and expertise of the Dicom team to provide the support to get you back online as quickly as possible, or to be responsive to any questions you may have. We’re here 24/7 via phone or e-mail to provide this exceptional level of support.

Trust the Experience of Dicom Systems

Dicom Systems is a Health IT company that offers a broad range of Enterprise Imaging Solutions and teleradiology workflow enablers, ranging from simple smart routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, all the way to enterprise-class vendor neutral archiving.

Our flagship product, DCMSYS Workflow Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class Enterprise Imaging Workflow Engine that facilitates imaging workflow automation and ensures that caregivers have the most reliable and immediate access to patient data across the Enterprise.

DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Unifier was created to achieve compatibility and improve workflow between various healthcare providers. DCMSYS seamlessly integrates with your existing RIS, HIS, PACS and their related information systems ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication across your networks.

For more information on how Dicom Systems can benefit your enterprise, call (415) 684-8790 or click here to reach us online.