Unifier Archive (Vendor Neutral Archive)

Unifier Archive, the VNA for Enterprise Imaging 

Vendor neutral archives (VNAs) are a critical component of health IT in the age of interoperability. In enterprise imaging, VNA breaks down the common barriers of a proprietary system (single vendor) to enable enterprise document sharing. Healthcare organizations rely on VNAs for standardizing, consolidating, and archiving images and data from disparate PACS into a single, easily accessible and interoperable repository.

As the use of medical imaging continues to grow, so does the number of VNA solutions available on the market. The selection of the right VNA vendor is one of the most important choices in your entire enterprise.

That’s because so much relies on the VNA process. When it is functioning as promised, it is the beginning, middle, and end of the productivity that you need to stay relevant with your referrers and patients. When it is not working, it touches every aspect of your business.

If you’re like most medical imaging enterprises, you value:

  • Reliable internal image sharing
  • Workflow efficiency
  • Cost-effective image storage and transmission
  • Dependable support

An efficient, dependable VNA vendor will allow you to standardize data and images from various resources into a single destination, and enable you to access that information from any station, anywhere in the world. 

The VNA will provide a process that enables you to integrate new imaging applications from new sources without disrupting what is often a sensitive system.

Selecting A Vendor Neutral Archive for Medical Imaging

To help you determine the best VNA solution for your enterprise, here are the top 5 attributes of the best VNA providers:

  1. Experience – how many healthcare integrations has the company completed? How many of the client sites are comparable in size and scale of operations to yours?
  2. Data Migration Capability –  Rapid and accurate data migration into a VNA is crucial in deploying whichever solution you ultimately select. When interviewing VNA vendors, ask about their data migration capabilities, processes, and experience.
  3. Updates and Scalability – As VNAs continue to evolve, you want a vendor who is bringing updates and new versions to you proactively. And, they must be able to adapt quickly to your growth requirements.
  4. Reliability – “Time is money” was never more relevant than with your VNA provider. Every moment of downtime is costly, so choose a company with a history of seamless operations. Ask vendors about uptime and SLAs, to ensure that the vendor you select matches your needs. 
  5. True VNAThese days, there are multiple solutions claiming to be a true VNA, however, feature sets and performance do vary.

Dicom Systems’ Unifier Archive: A Proven VNA Trusted By Top Healthcare Providers

Dicom Systems’ Unifier Archive is a cost-effective VNA solution that not only solves your archiving challenges, it provides you with the support you need to maintain the workflow that is crucial to your daily operations.

Through Dicom Systems’ VNA, images and data are received and translated into a standardized format that can then be transferred to or accessed by your referring physicians, your radiologists, your RIS, or to any radiology workstation, regardless of its physical location.

With our VNA, you also get unparalleled support, which can be the most important factor in your decision. When you need technical support, you get the experience and expertise of the Dicom team to provide the support to get you back online as quickly as possible, or to be responsive to any questions you may have. We’re here 24/7/365 via phone or e-mail to provide this exceptional level of support.