article_image.php-5May 10, 2013 —The article by Marv Dumon of Business 2 Business Community talks about the mandates of the Affordable Care Act that require healthcare institutions to move towards electronic health records and challenges that hospitals and government agencies face trying to meet the requirement.
Many medical practitioners remain skeptical that the industry can successfully digitize its working environment by 2014. Standardization of information systems is a requirement for comprehensive and effective data mining. It’s also becoming a business opportunity for solutions providers. For instance, Dicom Systems specializes in enabling clinics and hospitals to digitize their health records through the use of proprietary routers. “Our best in class routing products resolve the challenges that far too many clinicians are presented with in multi-vendor, multi-facility imaging and reporting communications,” said Dean Whitt, vice president of business development. By standardizing the protocol for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical imaging, disparate communications systems can “talk” to each other.