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The Unifier provides healthcare teams harmonized access to medical data—leading to better quality of care and improved patient outcomes

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Enterprise Imaging, Unified

Dicom Systems is a Health IT company that offers a broad range of Enterprise Imaging Solutions and teleradiology workflow enablers, ranging from simple smart routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, all the way to enterprise-class vendor neutral archiving.

Our flagship product, DCMSYS Workflow Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class Enterprise Imaging Workflow Engine that facilitates imaging workflow automation and ensures that caregivers have the most reliable and immediate access to patient data across the Enterprise.


A Pittsburgh-based multi-institutional teleradiology group set out to find an image routing platform that could solve their PACS interoperability challenges.

After growing their business, bringing data into a single PACS from 30+ hospital sites became challenging as each client’s PACS system had its own set of rules, constraints, and nuances. They needed a dynamic and adaptable tool to help normalize and harmonize data while ensuring its expedient transmission. After evaluating more than 6 vendors it was determined that DCMSYS Workflow Unifier, an Enterprise Imaging Workflow Engine from Dicom Systems, was just the solution they were looking for.



Lack of integration between health care providers can lead to fragmentation of the patients’ health care experience, which in turn can result in medical errors and diagnostic redundancies. These deficiencies could have dire human and financial consequences.

To address many PACS interoperability challenges healthcare providers face today we created DCMSYS Workflow Unifier, our DICOM and HL7 Integration Engine (formerly known as DICOM and HL7 router). This powerful integration tool facilitates imaging workflow automation and the connection of information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/FHIR/Scripting toolkit that can be administered remotely using a standard web

browser. The Unifier streamlines and unifies communications between the various RIS/HIS/EMR/EHR/PACS vendors. It facilitates imaging workflow automation and ensures that caregivers have the most reliable and immediate access to patient data across their Enterprise.

Another one of our products is a Unifier Archive, a robust platform recently launched by Dicom Systems. Leveraging the Workflow Unifier at its core, the Dicom Systems Vendor Neutral Archive and CloudVNA take imaging data management to the next level, enabling users to smoothly integrate clinical information across departments, modalities and platforms.